Our Mission is to achieve quality and deliver high end building that respond to the latest trends in design and construction techniques with high energy efficiency.

Provide comprehensive architectural and construction services covering various scales of intervention from single-family homes to residential complexes and from roads to large bridge structures.

Design buildings and spaces that are innovative, while simultaneously taking into account criteria of efficiency and respect to the environment.

Give value through architectural solutions that respond with the highest fidelity to the needs and preferences of our clients. We strive to always provide the maximum value of your investment.

Golf House with Sky (mod)


Our Vision is the framework of all of our endeavors and describes what we believe is necessary to achieve excellence.

Be a benchmark of quality in the construction industry; we look to accomplish this through a team with vast experience in the creation of high quality projects.

By valuing occupational health in the workplace our employees are continuously inspired to due the best work they can.

Being friendly with the environment and taking responsibility for the environment in order to ensure the ideal balance between the natural and the built.



Our Values represent our identity as a team and company. We are different because we feel passion for our profession, we are constantly looking for new innovations and we always work as a team with rigor and commitment.

  • Passion: Our love for all facets of construction, including architecture, engineering and landscaping, helps translate into a consistently quality result.
  • Innovation: One of our main policies is the continuous training of our team in order to apply the latest knowledge and techniques available. This way we can make sure we are always providing the best possible service for the present time.
  • Teamwork: With specialists in each area of our projects, execution and good teamwork guarantees the success and the quality in the works we deliver.
  • Rigor and commitment: We always put the client at the foreground of our mind when working on our various projects. Our strict sense of professional ethics alongside an unparalleled commitment to our clients means always fitting ourselves to the needs of the customer. 


Stoneleaf ’s partners have obtained project entitlements, overseen site planning and product design, managed the construction of luxury homes as well as upscale communities from groundbreaking to completion, constructed clubhouses, marina, athletic and recreational facilities, and designed and built major infrastructure projects including bridges, tunnels, data centers, power substations and fiber optic infrastructure, among others projects. All totaled, the Stoneleaf partners have managed and built construction and development projects costing well over $10 billion dollars, domestically and internationally, including over 1,600 homes in more than fifteen communities in the Northeastern United States.

  • Pedro Torres Benedetti
  • Michael Dignacco
  • Felix Lairet
  • Pedro D. Torres Jr.
  • Juan C. Torres
  • Luis A Torres
  • Joshua Witherill

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